Planet of Heroes

Planet of Heroes is very similar to the MOBA game Vainglory. Its a 3 vs 3 mobile MOBA with a fast faced game pvp battles. It was developed and pulished by The game will test the player abilities in coming up different strategies and battling the opponents. It has 3 game modes. In PVP mode, player can group with friends and enter the matchmaking system and compete with other team. In mission mode, the players will control the 3 heroes and needs to complete the given quest and defeat the boss for rewards. While in Practice mode, players can play with bots to test the heroes skills and ability.

There are four different class in this game the Assassins, Warrior, Marksmen and Support. The Assassins deals much damage in a short period of time and has a high mobility. The Warriors or Tank has a low mobility and damage but is very useful in every game clash, they are the one who will protect the damage dealers and can take all the damage from the enemies. The marksmen are the long ranged heroes. They deal much damage from a far. Lastly the support, they have low damage and do not have escape skills but they can slow, stun and weaken the enemies team. They are also very useful because they can also heal the team members with their special skills.

Player needs to go to the jungle to get buffs and golds before engaging in a clash. And for those who lack steady internet connection you can also play in async battles on where the opponents controlled by AI. Players will also enjoy the cartoony game setting.

The best thing about it is its developer won’t let this game die. A great part of the future development is already been planned with new heroes every month, more campaign, more quest and more exciting rewards.

System Requirements



  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android above 4.4.

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